Take care of your mind

It is not just a war. It's also a war with ourselves and our psychological resilience.

Uncertain times come with fear, ambiguity and chaos. After more than 2 years of COVID-19 pandemic, now, the war came with a lot of uncertainty that accentuates our fear regarding the future.

The recent events turned people's lives upside down,

forcing them to flee and take irrational decisions. But the self-preservation instinct kicked in when people were left emotionally lost in a fight against uncertainty, unknown and dangerous events.

Why Yellow Canary?

Today, everyone is emotionally affected by the scary news. Some people made a huge effort to help refugees, others were more cautions and tooked safety measures for them and for their families. No matter the action, all of them had a common denominator: a huge emotional burden.

That is why we have to make sure that the latest events do not affect our rational thinking and lead us to anxiety, panic attacks or depression. We aim to surface from pandemic and war as more resilient individuals.

Therefore, limiting the impact that the pandemic and war have on our wellbeing must become our top priority.

About the project

Yellow Canary helps you mitigate the impact that the new events have on your wellbeing.

The trauma that the pandemic and war provoked will be staying us for a long time. Here comes the small things that metter most in this situation. Be kind with you and use everyday as an opportunity to discover yourself. Today is not just another day. It is an opportinity to find balance, joy, stability and the bright part of life.


Together apart


Minutes of assessment a day after which you will automatically get your results. This way you can keep track of your wellbeing progress.


Free access to special dedicated counseling. You will have access to therapists and psychologists to help you in case you need someone to talk to.