Take care of your mind

Covid is more than a virus.

Social interations have been redefined, work has changed dramatically and before anything else, we have changed.

It wasn't the virus that emptied the supermarkets' shelves,

but the self-preservation instinct when people are left emotionally lost in a fight against a virus they do not know about.

Why Yellow Canary?

Today, everyone counts on us to stay at home. That is why we have to make sure that home does not represent a source of panic, anxiety, or depression. We aim to surface from this lockdown as better versions of ourselves. Therefore, limiting the impact that the virus has on our wellbeing must become our top priority.

About the project

Yellow Canary helps you mitigate the impact that the virus has on your wellbeing.

In a few years the virus won't scare us anymore, but the trauma it provoked will be staying with us until the next outbreak.


Together apart


Minutes of assessment a day after which you will automatically get your results. This way you can keep track of your wellbeing progress.


Free access to special dedicated counseling. You will have access to therapists and psychologists to help you in case you need someone to talk to.