About Yellow Canary

Yellow Canary is a platform that allows you to monitor your emotional stability. You can get access to therapists and psychologists ready to help you overcome any emotional problem.

We have experience in understanding emotions and human behavior

This is why we are happy to contribute to society by developing a tool that helps people monitor their emotional wellbeing in real time.
We developed an assessment to measure the daily emotional state of people being, that started during the pandemic. We aim to help them better understand themselves and facilitate access to counselors.

Education, families, investments, loans, careers, choices, hopes and dreams, what do all of these have in common?

All of them depend on a sense of stability. An environment that is unknown, unpredictable and associated with panic and long term instability will generate a sense of anxiety, conflict, and disturbance. It is hard to enjoy today without the safety of tomorrow.

You will have access to psychological counseling

We have partnered with NGOs that offer certified counselors, psychologists and psychotherapists who are ready to help those who want to talk to someone.
Respiro is an NGO with a team of psychotherapy professionals who provide people with the tools and context they need for change and training, when and how they need it.
Psychologist Bianca Vatasescu
Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, career consultant. Experience in working with children, adolescents and adults on both mental and psychosomatic health issues.